Single Photo Download (High Resolution)


Introducing our captivating aerial stock image, available for instant download on This unique digital asset promises to elevate your projects with its breathtaking perspective. Whether you're enhancing your website, branding, or marketing materials, this high-quality image is the perfect addition.

What sets this aerial stock image apart is its versatile licensing. With a single purchase, you gain the rights for both personal and company use, allowing you to incorporate it into your website, promotional materials, and branding. Its dynamic composition is sure to leave a lasting impression.

However, it's important to note that this digital download cannot be legally resold or distributed to others. It's for your exclusive use and your company's benefit. Printing and selling physical copies of this file are also prohibited. We're committed to maintaining the integrity of this unique image.

Additionally, if a newspaper or company chooses to use this image for press purposes, it is a requirement to credit the source by including the acknowledgment "Photo by Anthony Shaughnessy" We appreciate your support in recognizing the source of this exceptional aerial stock image when it's featured in press or media. This ensures proper attribution and upholds the integrity of our content

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your creative projects with this stunning aerial stock image. Purchase and download now on, and take your visuals to new heights!

You will receive a digital file for each download you purchase. A download link will be sent to your email once you have completed your purchase.

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